What follows is simply a collections of answers that I have written to others. This will have to do for now.

My BS (Belief System)

First, about other people’s BS, I try to be tolerant. Clearly most people pick up their BS early in their young lives from their parents and through what they are exposed to. So, I do not fault them. I think when we incarnated on Earth, and we were separated from God, we felt the loss of connection and nearly all of us looked for a new connection. We share our BS with others in order to validate ourselves. Many can become intolerant because of their investment in their own, accepted BS.

Now I get to describe my BS. What works for me is that my world is what I make of it. We are all a part of God and all can create the lives that we wish, or the lives that we fear. It’s our choice. I.E. The love that I receive is a reflection of the love that I give. The material abundance that I either have or lack is a creation of my attitudes. I can enjoy happiness without the fear that it will be followed by unhappiness. My happiness is a measure of my connection to God via my connections to the other parts of myself and the connections that I have to other people. The more connections I have, the happier I am. For instance, I own a vacation rental property here in Ecuador that is part of my material abundance. But it also brings me connections to other people that I truly enjoy and look forward to, whatever BS they bring with them. I would never evangelise unless it was requested of me. (You have the choice to leave this page anytime.) Then I try to limit what I say to the level of openness of the requestor. I enjoy Internet forums because they bring me new ideas to ponder and they offer me a chance to try out my ideas without limitation. I have detected some negativity in some forums. Beware! What you dwell upon will be what your soul creates for you.

Being Awake

Being connected to my higher self.
Knowing that the world is not what it seems, yet still enjoying what life has to offer.
Being aware of others that have not yet wakened - let them choose their time.
Knowing that I have a mission here on this planet, yet still enjoying eating chocolate ice cream.


Karl Marx was on to something when he said "Religion is ... the opium of the people." But actually, if he had lived in the next century he would have realised that Television is the opium of the people. Television has lifted a great burden from the churches. They no longer need to tell you how to live your life. Television now shows you how to live, how to dress, what to eat, how to behave in any situation, what to believe, and what not to believe. Television also allows you to relax and ignore all those far away and troublesome problems in the world. Let others take care of those issues.

Life is to short

Life is to short. Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change. Love deeply and forgive quickly. Take chances. Give everything and have no regrets.

Life is to short to be unhappy. You have to take the good with the bad, smile when you should, love what you got, and always remember what you had. Always forgive but never forget. Learn from your mistakes but never regret. People change and things go wrong. But always remember life goes on.

Author: Unknown


We cannot ‘push’ information upon others. They must ‘pull’ the information. People will learn at their own rate and as they wish. When they are ready, the spiritual knowlege will be available to them. If they never do ask to learn, that is OK. We live on a planet of free will.

When we start to examine the path to enlightenment that we are on, we discover that there are some ahead of us on the same path. They are not better than us. Then we turn around and discover some people behind us. We are not better than them. We were all there once. Then, later on, we discover that there are other paths to the same destination, and that we should honour them all.

For Those Who Are Not Spiritual

The original question presumes that there are such people that are never spiritual or believing in 'god. How do you know? By their words or their actions? For many years in my mid-life I professed to be non-spiritual. For me, God was dead. Later, as the fog started to lift, I realised that it was organised religion that I was rebelling against and not spirituality. I had never made that distinction in my earlier life, and I have found that many others are suffering from the same misconception. “If there is a God, why does he do such terrible things to people?” When I hear that, I cry inside. But how do you answer? Do you have a gift that you can ignore what someone is telling you and instead somehow look inside that person for their truth?

Or perhaps you can judge him/her by that person's actions. How do you know whether someone as despicable as Hitler, even, was carrying out his agreed soul-contract? Can you read his ashakic record and confirm it? Amazing! If such a brutal person is fulfilling his contract, can he be considered spiritual? Fortunately for the returning person-spirit, our judgements here on Earth are for naught. If there is any judgement that matters, it will be done by the person just departed as he reunites with his soul. 'Heaven' will still love him.

No Steering Wheel?

Citizens of the USA have lost control of politics, and they know it. Oddly, this is breading apathy and not anger. It is like someone driving his car and discovering that the steering wheel no longer works and the brakes have failed also. As the car careens wildly gown the roadway, the driver turns to his family and friends in the wayward car saying “The car is out of control. I have no say in the matter, so why bother? It’s not my fault if we hit someone or run off a cliff. I’m not responsible for any damages. Turn on the TV. Anything good?"

Just Dowsing

What if you had a machine that would respond to any question that you ever asked with a “Yes” or a “No” or sometimes with a “Badly asked, Please rephrase”? What if your truth machine was always correct, and always forthcoming? This would be like the game Twenty Questions that we played as kids. I imagine that you would pepper your truth machine with a fast, unbroken volley of questions - for a while. Politics, pyramids, your spouse and family, financial investments, lie detector, food quality, even chemtrails would all be topics for sure.

Would you have some questions that you did not wish to ask? Will I have a long life? Do we always want or need the truth? Sometimes it might be better not to ask?. Also truth for you may not be truth for me. It can be a cruel world out there, and for many it is. Yet for me, it is a world that I relish and enjoy. So a question like “Is it easy to fine work?” would illicit different answers for different people. You might find out that it is really difficult to properly phrase the questions that really matter. Questions like: Am I doing the right work in my life? Is this particular relationship best for me? If you get a “No” then what do you do? Twenty Questions?

After a while, it could actually become boring. You might go a week without any desire to ask. Your truth machine would not tell you all you need to know - only answer the simple questions that you can phrase. All it could do is answer with a yes or a no, at best. What if the question you really needed to know never came to mind?

What Is Ego?

Is ego the straw man that our soul creates on this planet to see what befalls him/her when placed in assorted situations and conditions? For this game to work, we must play the part. Ego has certainly played the survival instinct for humanity over the millennia. By survival I might one day mean staying alive in the desert with what I carry on my back, or another day might mean presenting myself to a potential client as someone necessary for his business. I have done both. and the act is certainly good ego food. Our ego will play the games of “self respect” and the emotions of fear and anger. At times, we must exist inside our ego and feel that “I am” feeling. When we begin to view our ego as an entity apart from us, then the game may end. Notice all the “I” and “my” words in the last few sentences.

Some texts write that we should slay our ego. But for me, we have finally come to terms and co-exist fairly well. It is important to maintain a balance. My ego can help keep me grounded while my spiritual self points the way. This works fairly well for me - most of the time. :)

Where am I?

Is the real "you" where your mind is? OK, then, where is your mind? Are you in your body? Or, are you here, with me, while you read this? Or are you right now in an imaginary 'room' where all of this forum's members come to participate? You are where you place yourself. Think of the remote pilot of a drone airplane. The pilot may be in front of a screen in an office and the drone might be flying over another land. Try to ignore for a while the military aspects. Where is that pilot? Where is his mind, his essence? Is it in an office or in the drone? Doesn't he have to be 'in' the drone to keep it flying? In the past when I was a computer programmer, I could place myself inside the structure of that program. I could 'feel' how it worked. And being there, I was disconnected from the reality going on around me. Any good architect most likely does the same thing.

Now remember the last novel that you read and enjoyed. Did it transport you to another time and place? Where were you while in the midst of your reading? Sometimes when interrupted from my reading, or when I came to the story's end, I felt disconnected. I wanted more. It would take me a little while to re-connect myself to the "real world". Have you felt that way? Maybe we all have the ability to place our minds anywhere, any time. The one location that we naturally think of our mind being 'in' is perhaps the least likely - in our brain.

“The entire heavenly realm is within us…”

Personally, it is getting more difficult for me to separate the 'inside' of me and the ‘outside’ of me. We are connected everywhere in the universe. But our connection to the universe is not like a telephone line that one could learn to use. Could my location be like a bell curve, stretching out to infinity? Then I am everywhere. So, all the universe is within me, and when I relate to what’s outside of me, I am also relating to myself.

I am very flexible in my meditative practices. Meditation is any behaviour that will help me to connect with Spirit. I will sit still at times, letting my thoughts flit by and listening to those quiet spaces in between. The messages that I receive will usually come to me after a meditative session, but can come to me at any time. If there is a decision for me to make, I will connect quickly and briefly for guidance. I try to not make any important decision without asking for guidance. I can meditate listening to good music. As I write this, I am listening to Tchaikovsky's Meditation. BTW, meditation is not hypnosis. I am practiced in both techniques, and they have little in common.

One More Time Around On This Earth, Please!

I have been told that my next life will be elsewhere. But I would like to return at least once more, even though others would like to move on. I truly enjoy living on this Earth. Perhaps it doesn't matter. Perhaps the place(s) that we 'move on' to will be very similar to where we are now! LOL. The karma that most people think of is of a density that will keep one coming back. It is not difficult to clear the karma. Like most things, its easy to do only if you know that its easy to do. Maybe I should eat more juicy steaks and build up more karma so that I am drawn back to Earth again!

An earlier life personality of mine recently told me that he had started missions that he wished for me to complete. I was already 70 years old before he even told me this. Before he died in battle, he had left a series of (publicly available) poems that I have begun to study. I have no idea how to write a poem, so I must use prose. I still have some things to do in this life, but I am told that there will be time enough for that. I have asked this many times with always the same answer.

A Universal Religion?

When I read this question about Universal Religion, I shuddered and felt the shivers go up and down my spine. I had to leave the keyboard quickly and go find some comfort food. If I write anything in response, it must be that religion is used to control human behaviour, by causing rigid conformity via the use of ritual, fear and the occasional burning at the stake. The purpose of the human control was based in greed and lust for power. The rules were written and the fear instilled to make the common folk docile and controllable. They were told that they would have a better life after death. What a crock! Sorry, if you had thought different. The people were taught to fear God, but not communicate with God. Let the priests and the pope do that. You see, here is the crux of the matter. If everyone would communicate directly with God and actually learn that s/he IS God, then the universality of the "Church" would crumble. Church leaders of every century knew that.

The Roman Catholic Church was using these fearsome tactics until other, splinter religions appeared. Then the universal "Church" was forced to be nicer once people saw that the heresy of other religions did not cause lightening bolts to shoot out of the sky. The muslims picked up the idea of spreading their religion by the sword - planning on making it universal. But now, many of them are giving up that idea.

Maybe you would like to resurrect a Universal Religion that everyone must follow. Maybe you have the very best intensions. Jesus did. Mohammed did. Siddhārtha Gautama did. Please remember that your Universal Religion will also fail because we humans are purposely flawed, and we live on a flawed planet.

Am I Happy?

Yes. Dowsers always like confirmation. Water dowsers like to see the water flowing. I enjoy the confirmation (or not) of other dowsers.

I remember back when I was riding my horse one day with a group of other riders - just for pleasure. I asked myself why I was happy. My immediate next question was how did I, at 16 years, turn into such a philosopher? Why I was happy? My seat was a little soar, for the distance covered. My pants legs were damp from the horse. The sun was hot. That stallion behind us was giving my mare some trouble. And lunch would be late. But I was definitely happy. I wouldn't have passed up this event for anything. Why? I was free and able to participate. I was healthy. My family was financially able for me to have this pleasure. I had been able to learn all that was necessary to do these things. I had a loving family. Yes, I was very fortunate.

Today I am 70 years not so old, living where I want to, here in Ecuador, where the mountain air is clean and clear. I am happy. Why? I am free and able to live where I please. I am still healthy. I have committed my finances to God. I had been able to learn all that is necessary to enjoy living here. I have a loving wife and children. Yes, I am very fortunate. Of course, there have been bumps along the way and more expected. That's life.

I have learned that one's life is what one makes of it, and I expect to remember that truism next time, if I should be so fortunate as to have a next time around.

Are There Universal Truths?

Well, I have been following science for at least 55 of my 70 years, and certainly many scientific 'beliefs' have fallen by the wayside. Working at Fermilab, I was fortunate to closely watch the best high energy physics theorists muddle their way through the 'particle zoo' as they called it. The most successful scientists didn't believe the theories, but used them as guideposts to discovery. I know. I had the opportunity to spend all night long talking to some of them.

There are things that I just know. It would be difficult for me to explain it. These are not concepts that I have borrowed from other people's Believe Systems (think BS). They are not articles of faith. I just know it in my heart. An example is reincarnation. Another is our connectedness through Spirit. When I discover a 'belief' deep within my psyche, I must question it. Is it true? Do I Know it to be true? Otherwise rout it out. The only danger is due to any belief that is so fundamental that I do not recognise it as such. We all have them. One might be that "money is evil." If you learned that concept in childhood, you might not realise that it is ruling your life until you discover it within you.

The question raised here more than once is whether truth is universal. A problem is that we all perceive a truth differently. Even when we think there is a meeting of the minds. So we all take that 'truth' home with us thinking that we all agree upon an identical truth, but yet that can easily be untrue. I agree with the idea that truth has layers, like an onion. I will live with a ‘truth' as I see it until I can see it more clearly. And that goes on ...

The New Earth

In my meditation and dowsing, everyone made it to the New Earth. That is all 7+ billion of us. Not one was "left behind." I am told that is because it was a soul decision - not an individual decision. Our Earth is transitioning into a five-dimensional universe and so are we - that's all of us! We are each transitioning to the higher dimensions at our own rate. That is allowed.

Now here is where you and I may radically disagree: The "bad" guys have souls too. They are here on this planet doing what they had agreed to do. When they transition back to the other side, they will be loved. Judge no one except, perhaps, yourself. And go easy with yourself.

ChemTrail Protection

I did a recent experiment of removing the toxins from the bodies of seven people in the USA. (I live in Ecuador.) I focussed on the specific mix of toxins that are being sprayed on residents of major US cities. The spraying method is referred to as ChemTrails. I will not go into ChemTrail details because you can easily get that on line.

This is the experiment. To three people I sent email or phoned, and we discussed the experiment. Four others are relatives of mine (including three young children) and I simply requested and received approval from their higher selves.

In each case, I determined that their bodies were, indeed, contaminated by ChemTrail toxins. I then removed the toxins using a dowsing technique. Then I confirmed that the toxins were gone. I then raised each person's energy level. Subsequent communication confirmed noticeably improved condition.

About a week later, I checked agin, and all seven had been contaminated again. I repeated the de-contamination, but this time asked for their protection from their own angels, if they agree. In each case their angels did agree. It has been oven two weeks, now (20 June 2014), with no new contamination.


I would love to have your comments. (See below.)