Tremendous Earth Changes In 2020

Updated May 8, 2015

How I Got Into This

About four years ago (2010) I started getting pictures in my head about drastic changes to the coastlines of the United States. Long ago, I had seen maps drawn by the US Navy of predicted ‘Earth changes’. Also like many of you, I remembered back in the 1950s reading those Earth change predictions by Edgar Casey. But what I am seeing now is very different than what Casey predicted. After a first go of my prediction map, I looked on the Internet in vain for any maps that looked similar to my own drawings. I spent two years improving the maps - focusing on the USA and Central America and asking why and how. In 2011, I re-made the maps filling in both one dot at a time using a dowsing pendulum for yes or no. In this process, I was 'told' what areas of the map to work on. To me, this seems to be a type of channeling, but I do not really know channeling. In 2014 I showed my USA and Central America map to some friends, then posted it on Project Avalon and also on my web site at People asked me how this could come about. The supposed disturbances do not 'line up' with known fault lines or tectonic plate edges. If you compare, you will see there are many significant differences with my and with Casey’s predictions and with other maps such as the US Navy maps. Not sure what I was really looking for, be it criticism, explanation, acceptance or rejection, I got it all. My maps show the new coastlines as they will be in mid 2020 after things settle down. I plan to stay away from the coast in early 2015.

The Changes In 2020

The year is 2020. Much of the world has changed. In the first few months, the Earth was racked with huge earthquakes. Many coastal cities were awash with large tsunami. Many volcanic eruptions have coated the land and filled the air with ash. People had the time to leave the flooding lands, abandoning their homes and livelihood behind. Few lives were lost due to the land sinking, mainly those who refused to accept the changes. Yet many lives are now changed, forever. Major portions of land have been lost forever to the oceans accompanied with much sorrow and grief. Many cities dear to the human race are now gone, lost under the seas. This has happened before. A huge, new continent completely surrounding the major Hawaiian Islands has risen out of the Pacific Ocean. Some may think of it as the lost continent of Mu (or Lemuria) rising again. These changes have been extremely rapid in geologic terms - changes considered impossible in all textbooks. Considering the turmoil that the Earth and its residents have gone through the past dozen years, the land is now strangely calm and devoid of earthquakes.

Nations are gearing up to fight over this new prize.

The World Map In 2020

Map of Earth Changes 2020
Click on the map above or here to enlarge. The larger map has many detailed inserts. (Base map by


The USA mainland is nearly split in two parts. The entire state of Louisiana is submerged. The Missouri river through the state of Missouri has become a sea-level passage creating an island out of what is left of Missouri and Arkansas. Much of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska is gone. Also many cities are inundated. Gone are Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City KS, Omaha, and Pensacola. Many Mississippi river towns, including parts of St Louis are permanently flooded. The state of Alaska loses major Western and Southern portions. This includes Nome, Anchorage, Seward. The Aleutian Islands are gone. All of the lost land will remain lost for the foreseeable future. Oddly, the Hawaiian Islands are now surrounded by new land. It is a huge, newly formed continent extending West from NW USA and across the Pacific Ocean.

Central America And The Caribbean

Curiously, newly formed land now extends East and South from Florida into the Caribbean islands and beyond to South America. For Central America, nearly all of the Yucatan Peninsula and huge portions of Honduras and Nicaragua are lost. Panama is split in two by a strait nearly 200 miles wide. Panama City is surviving. Most Caribbean islands have gained huge new land, but by surrounding and connecting the islands, the newly exposed land places in jeopardy their identity as separate island nations. As people and nations become settled in their new situation, this new land will be fought over. The Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea are closed to the Atlantic Ocean, but open to the Pacific via the newly created Strait of Panama.

South America

The significant Earth change in South America is the huge new land extending East from Venezuela. This new land will also become a fought-over military prize. The city pf Caracas is now land bound.

Europe And Middle East

The Gulf Stream has been cut off from the Gulf of Mexico, it’s largest source of heat. The scope of changes in Europe is staggering. The Netherlands is gone. England is now joined to the continent. Major portions of France are submerged. Worse, the Gulf Stream which has supplied Europe with warmth for millennia is now greatly diminished. Israel and Jordan are gone with the exception of some highlands. What is left of Japan, devastated in 2018, is now connected to mainland Asia with uncertain consequences. There is huge, new land stretching across the Pacific Ocean. It is a new continent.

My Sources

You must understand my part in this. This story is so unbelievable that I waited years before sharing it. My sources are entities in the light. They send me information via meditation and channeling. I write down what I am given, confirm each sentence more than once by dowsing. So my sources are spiritual and not of this Earth. I wrote this after periods of channeling, but before I published this, I let it sit while having asked many times for confirmation from several other-world sources. In meditation, I was told that the potentials of this Earth change occurrence are large and are irreversible. I still hope that that last sentence is in error. Every few weeks I ask and get the same answer.

The Proof

Look deep inside your heart and find the truth for yourself. Or, you can simply wait a few years and see for yourself.

How? Why?

If you are a conspiracy nut, then read about a terrible, new weapon being developed by the USA military. [Redacted by me for the security of my family and myself. Sorry, but I have been warned to remove the link by many, both those who walk this Earth and those who do not.]