Dowsing Q & A

This page is not a Dowsing 101 class. There are many, good Web sites for that. I intend this page to a supplement to other sources that teach dowsing. The Internet is extremely full of information and "How To's" for dowsing. One very good learning site is A Letter to Robyn. Do not get hung up on the details. Read some; try some; think about the results. Repeat. If you do not know how to meditate, please go and learn about meditaion first - then come back here. I belong to the Lone Star Dowsers in Houston, Texas. There is much more to study. As you study these subjects, questions will nturally arise. I invite you to contact me (at bottom of this page) if you have more dowsing questions.

How does dowsing work?

All of us are connected though Spirit. This is not a theological site so do not ask me to define 'Spirit'. It just works - like magnets just work. Our minds and bodies are connected to Spirit, but throughout our lives, we have taught our conscious minds to ignore spiritual things. Dowsing is a way to allow our subconscious mind to control parts of our bodies to respond to questions and answers. Dowsing moves one's brain into an alpha wave state very similar to meditation. Frequent dowsing has taught me how to move rapidly in and out of meditation. There are many forms of dowsing.

Why should I believe the dowsing answers?

I never believe straight away the answers that I get from dowsing. I look for confirmation, where possible. The more bizarre the answer, the more confirmation is required. Confirmation comes from different sources. There is the 'ground truth' of locating the lost object that you were dowsing for. People report great success in dowsing for water, gold, etc. I have had success dowsing for water. Many times I will ask related questions looking for confirmation by getting consistent answers. I have also asked other dowsers for confirmation. The search for truth can be endless.

How is dowsing related to meditation?

Both dowsing and meditation work with the brain in an alpha wave state. Meditation helps me to think of the best ways to express my questions. Meditation helps me to confirm dowsing answers. Many times I will receive additional answers to my dowsing questions after the dowsing session is over. Or new questions will pop into my mind to ask next time. After a few years of my dowsing and meditating, the two activities have melded into one.

Can one dowse for the future?

One can dowse for future events and facts, but with extreme caution. The answers to questions of the future can change. Mainly, this is due to people, and society, changing their minds about their actions. I will ask for the answer of greatest potential or probability. I will ask for the level of a potential outcome: high, medium, low, or none. Asking for the winning numbers of a future Powerball lottery is futile.

What kind of a dowsing pendulum is best?

You may use an expensive crystal dangling from a gold chain. You can also use a small piece of iron hardware (like a nut) tied to a cotton string. The string or chain should be about 6" to 8" long, but choke it down to about 4" or 5" of free swinging. Some say to try different materials, but anything will do in a pinch. I know of a person who used her car keys in an 'emergency'.

Is there a special place where one should dowse?

You can dowse anywhere. I feel more comfortable dowsing at the location in question, but I have successfully located a lost pet in Texas while I was in Ecuador. Quieter, less busy places can contribute to easier concentration. This is especially true for beginners. Turn off the TV. Sit down - not lie down. Or stand and walk if you are using a bobber or L-rods.

Where do the answers come from?

Spirit knows all about you (and much other factual information). It also has immediate access to your akashic records. It can answer your questions. If you have had any luck finding lost items or people via dowsing, you will 'know' that it is your spirit teaming with another's spirit that fetches the location information. All spirit is connected - perhaps all spirit is one.

Can one dowse for past lives?

What does dowsing have to do with reincarnation? That is a fair question. The subjects of reincarnation and of past lives are spiritual. You're higher self already knows the information that you are seeking. It's just not available to you consciously. Dowsing is a method (not the only method) to bring the past lives information to your conscious mind. Before you begin the life regression session, write down some questions you plan to ask. Think of an objective past life such as "someone who was a good musician" or "someone in 17th century England." Obviously, then, an early question would be "Do I have a past life who was a good musician?" Or "Do I have a past life who lived in 17th century England?" Another good start is "Tell me about my last life." Then start asking questions and looking for the telltale Yes or NO answers. Be sure to write down all of your questions and answers.

Here are a few session logs provided simply as examples.

Last updated August 3, 2016