Dowsing For Past Lives

Last updated November 25, 2015

In my meditations, I was told that I could using my dowsing expertise to research my past lives. I searched with Google for any techniques that I could use to this purpose and found few helpful sites. What I found on the Internet was only enough to encourage me to continue. So, I had to develop my own methodology. I had prior experience dowsing to locate lost items and began to use the same techniques. I wish to share my dowsing for past lives experiences with you. However, I do all such dowsing in a meditative state. If you do not know how to meditate, please go and learn that first - then come back here. If you do not know how to dowse for information, please go and learn that first - then come back here. The Internet is extremely full of information and "How To's" for both subjects.

What does dowsing have to do with reincarnation?

What does dowsing have to do with reincarnation? That is a fair question. If you have had any luck finding lost items or people via dowsing, you will 'know' that it is your spirit teaming with another's spirit that fetches the location information. The subjects of reincarnation and of past lives are spiritual. You're higher self already knows the information that you are seeking. It's just not available to you consciously. Dowsing is a method (not the only method) to bring the information to your conscious mind.

How does one get started?

First, consider which past life you wish to research. Perhaps you have a problem or concern in your every-day-life. Perhaps it is claustrophobia or perhaps obesity. It is reasonable to ask for a life that is first related to your identified problem. Perhaps you wish to explore a life in the arts or music. Now your dowsing pre-intent is the life you wish to target rather than a lost object. Have paper and pen ready to use. Unlike so-called channeling or hypnosis, you are wide-awake and clear headed during this activity. You can (and should) stop to write down your every question and every answer. You could also do an audio record by speaking the questions and answers out loud. Perhaps write down some questions already forming in your mind. I usually write down some of the questions before a session and then write down many more as I go along. Enter a meditative state. Please review my example sessions below. Ask to be connected to your soul (or higher self).

Where do the questions come from?

There is a portion of your being that is not usually made aware to you until you learn to connect. Some call this the soul. Some call this the higher self. Call it what you wish, it is with you always, and you can learn to connect and communicate with it. Because I am in a meditative state, many times the best question to ask just pops into my mind. Then I will write down the question and the answer. As you progress, you will find that the dowsing simply 'primes the pump', and answers will begin to flow freely.

Where do the answers come from?

Your higher self knows all about your past lives (and many other factual information). It also has immediate access to your akashic records. It can answer your questions.

Here are a few session logs.