Tremendous Earth Changes In 2019

How I Got Into This

About sixteen years ago (2002) I started getting pictures in my head about drastic changes to the coastlines of the United States. Long ago, I had seen classified maps drawn by the US Navy of predicted ‘Earth changes’. Also like many of you, I remembered back in the 1950s reading those Earth change predictions by Edgar Casey. But the coastal changes I am seeing now have only a few similarities with what Casey had predicted. If you compare, you will see there are many significant differences with my and with Casey’s predictions and with other maps such as the US Navy maps. After a first go of my prediction map, I looked on the Internet in vain for any maps that looked similar to my own drawings. I spent two years improving the maps - focusing on the USA and Central America and asking why and how. In 2011, I re-made the maps filling in both one dot at a time using a dowsing pendulum for yes or no. In this process, I was 'told' what areas of the map to work on. To me, this seems to be a type of channeling, but I do not really know channeling. In 2014 I showed my USA and Central America map to some friends, then posted it on Project Avalon and also on my web site at People asked me how this could come about. The supposed disturbances do not 'line up' with known fault lines or tectonic plate edges. I have added a paragraph below that provides a potential explanation of why these earth changes will happen. Some of these maps have been updated this year (2018). Not sure what I was really looking for, be it criticism, explanation, acceptance or rejection, I got it all. My maps show the new coastlines as they will be in very early 2020 after things settle more. I plan to stay away from the coast in mid 2019 on.

The Changes In Late 2019

Step forward in time with me to early 2020. Much of the world has changed. For many months in 2019, the Earth was racked with huge earthquakes. Many coastal cities were awash with large tsunami. Some have been abandoned or even washed away. Volcanic eruptions have coated the land and filled the air with ash. Many people were able to leave the flooding lands in time, abandoning their homes and livelihood behind. Many were not able. Major portions of land have been lost forever to the oceans accompanied with much sorrow and grief. Many cities dear to the human race are now gone. Although this has happened before in ancient times, mankind has had many thousands of years to forget. A huge, new continent completely surrounding the major Hawaiian Islands has risen out of the Pacific Ocean. Some may think of it as the lost continents of Mu (or Lemuria) rising again. Some may also recognize the return of the continent of Zealandia. These catastrophic changes have been extremely rapid in geologic terms - changes considered impossible in all textbooks. Considering the turmoil that the Earth and its residents have gone through the last two years, the land is now strangely more calm. The rate of earthquakes has reduced although still present and is now more like it was in 2018. Volcanic activity is also much reduced. Surviving nations are gearing up to fight over the prize of new-found land.

The World Map In 2019

Map of Earth Changes 2019
Click on the map above or here to enlarge. The larger map has many detailed inserts. (Base map by


The USA mainland has had two large bites taken away by the Gulf of Mexico. The entire state of Louisiana is submerged. Also many cities are inundated. Gone are Houston, Galveston, New Orleans, and Pensacola. Many Mississippi river towns are permanently flooded. A major portion of the Rio Grande valley in Texas is permanently flooded. There are new, active volcanoes and re-awakened volcanoes in the West coast states. The state of Alaska lost major Western and Southern portions. This includes the cities of Nome, Anchorage, and Seward. Many of the Aleutian Islands are gone. All of the lost land will remain lost for the foreseeable future. Oddly, the Hawaiian Islands are now surrounded by new land. It is a huge, newly formed continent extending West across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii. These maps show the coastlines after the huge tsunami have settled down. The wave actions will devastate and even wipe out many small towns along the coasts of the Great Lakes as well as the ocean coastlines.

Central America And The Caribbean

Curiously, newly formed land now extends East and South from Florida into the Caribbean islands and beyond to South America. For Central America, nearly all of the Yucatan Peninsula and huge portions of Honduras and Nicaragua are lost. Panama is split in two by a strait nearly 200 miles wide. Panama City is surviving. Most Caribbean islands have gained huge new land, but by surrounding and connecting the islands, the newly exposed land places in jeopardy their identity as separate island nations. As people and nations become settled in their new situation, this new land will be fought over. The Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea are closed to the Atlantic Ocean, but open to the Pacific via the newly created Strait of Panama.

South America

The significant Earth change in South America is the huge new land extending East from Venezuela. This new land will also become a fought-over military prize. The city of Caracas is now land bound.

The Rest of The World

The scope of changes in Europe is staggering. Much of the Netherlands is gone. England is now joined to the continent. Major portions of France are submerged. Worse, the Gulf Stream which has supplied Europe with warmth for millennia is now cut off by new land. The warming effect is greatly diminished causing the European climate to be much colder. Israel and Jordan are gone with the exception of some highlands. The Northern half of Japan is devastated, and is now connected to mainland Asia with uncertain consequences. There are two huge, new continent sized lands stretching across the Pacific Ocean.

City Populations Will Drop

Here is a table that shows predicted city population drops due to the Earth changes in 2019. I have been surprised by a few odd exception cities in this list that I am not yet prepared to explain.

The Why And How of It

Perhaps I can turn a Shakespeare quote around and say, "The fault, dear friend, is not in ourselves, but in the stars." I do not accept that much of the Earth as we know and love it will be destroyed because "the gods are angry with us". I have recently learned that our solar system is entering a region of the galaxy of greater cosmic ray density. Indeed, measurements of cosmic particle impacts have shown significant increases. Also, the Earth's magnetosphere strength has been decreasing. This decrease in the magnetic field surrounding the Earth will allow in many more cosmic and solar particles. These two changes may have resulted in a temperature increase in the Earth's core. There are a couple of potential results possibly due to the planet's core heating. One is that the oceans will warm and expand. The rising ocean levels have been seen but now have stopped. Another is a possible increase in plate tectonic unrest resulting in more earthquakes and more vulcanism. We are also seeing that. These disturbances will greatly increase. The great split in North America starting at the Gulf of Mexico and going as far North as Omaha will not happen in 2019, or any time in the next thirty years. This coastal change will require more predictions that I am not now prepared to make. It is not really a continental split as it is a slump, a weakness in the crust that the waters of the gulf will rush over. I also learned in 2016 that this weakened area lies over the location of an ancient near split of the continent called the Mid-continent Rift System (or MRS). You can look it up. Furthermore, this weakened area lies under a very dense region of fracking wells. There have been many small to medium earthquakes in Oklahoma and Texas there that have been as high as 5.1 in magnitude. I am not saying that these will be the cause of further subsidence. If you wish, you can say that it is all coincidental.

My Sources

You must understand my part in this. This story is so unbelievable that I waited years before sharing it. My sources are entities in the light. They send me information via meditation and dowsing. I write down what I am given, confirming each sentence more than once by dowsing. So my sources are spiritual and not of this Earth. I wrote this after periods of meditation, but before I published this on the Internet, I let it sit for years while having asked many times for confirmation from several other sources. In meditation, I was told that the potentials of this Earth change occurrence are large and are irreversible. I still hope that that last sentence is in error. Every few weeks I ask, but I get the same answer.

The Proof

I have been asked to mention some pre-cursor events so as to make my December predictions more believable. I have focused my attention upon the USA, but I am sure that similar events will occur across the globe. Here is what I have discovered in meditation:

  1. May, Hawaii. The big island will be devastated by the eruption of Mt Kilauea. The magnitude of death and destruction will be far greater than what happened in 2018. Mauna Loa will re-awaken.
  2. June, California. The Mount Konocti volcano, part of Clear Lake Volcanic Field, will erupt.
  3. June, Oregon. [Lower Potential] One of the Three Sisters may erupt.
  4. August, California. [Lower Potential] Other volcanoes in the Clear Lake Volcanic Field may erupt.
  5. September, California. A new volcano will erupt about ten miles NorthWest of Mono Lake near Willow Springs and Eagle Peak.
  6. September, Oregon. A new volcano
  7. October, California. A new volcano
  8. November, California. A new volcano will erupt very close to LA. (Perhaps in Sierra Madre subburb)
Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that my warnings of cataclysm are based upon my mediations and my dowsing. There is no proof that these events will ever come to pass. I have no control over the content except in my decision whether to publish the warnings. I hope that I can help people and not hurt people by causing them to flee from perfectly safe places. Predicting the future is a hit-or-miss proposition because there are many pathways that we may take. I look for the paths of greatest potential, and this is what I present to you.

Look deep inside your heart and find the truth for yourself. Learn to meditate. Or, you can simply wait out this year and see for yourself.

Last updated January 14, 2019