Last updated August 3, 2016

How I Got Into This

My mother used a peach fork to successfully locate a water well at our summer property in Door County. I was maybe eight years old then and remember it well. When I was in my first year of high school, my agriculture teacher taught us how to locate water and buried pipes using L-rods. I tried it out, and it worked! Easy! But I was into other esoteric things like mental telepathy and hypnosis so I let dowsing go for years. In 2008, I attended a meeting of the Lone Star Dowsers in Houston, and I was hooked.

What I Do With Dowsing

I use dowsing to answer my curiosity and also to help me make major decisions. I use dowsing when I question what I have been told or what I have read. I now use meditation to review my dowsing session results. Are you curious about your past lives? Here are logs of my sessions. Dowsing For Past Lives.


Here are some Dowsing Questions & Answers.