The Coming Deep Cold

The mainstream media have been talking about "Global Warming" and run-away heating for some time now. The theme is that human industries have been pumping CO2, a greenhouse gas, into the Earth's atmosphere for decades and it is forcing the temperature up - up to potentially lethal levels. And these extremely high levels will last for centuries even if we soon curb our fossil fuel ways. The media has changed the name of Global Warming to "Climate Change", but with the same reasoning and the same dire warnings. Meanwhile, the climate has not been living up to their expressed theories and their computer models. The media and the paid scientists push their dubious claim with the double-speak that recent very cold winters are actually a result of warming. What is really on our horizon is a Mini Ice Age. I have 'known' this for fifteen years via my meditations. Now, most climate scientists are in agreement that extreme cold is in our near future.

What Is A Mini Ice Age?

The last Mini Ice Age occurred from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries. Some say it started in the fourteenth century. There is also some confusion just when it ended. Let me describe what it was like during this deep cold spell.

Before the extreme cold, there was unseasonable warmth

Preceding the mini ice age was a period of warm weather that lasted for many years. It was in this time that the Norse colonized Southern Greenland - a land that was really green in that time.

That's history. But where is the proof of eminent, future cold?

First, let's look at the lies.

Well the facts are that the arctic polar ice melting process has stabilized and has begun to reverse. The polar bear population is on the increase. The CO2 science is bogus. The Earth's atmosphere has had 10 times the current CO2 level in the past without runaway heating. Nine of the ten hottest years in the last hundred years were in the 1930s. Recent years have been cooling, but NASA and NOAA have been playing with the numbers. There have been fewer major storms in the last few years. As past climate data has been more precisely measured, it has become clear that the past major cold spells have always been preceded by short hot spells. That scenario had been predicted by a few top climate scientists. We are now in the transition period from a short hot spell to a very cold world climate.

Variable Star

Part of the climate problem is that our sun is a variable star. It is not totally stable. The heat from the sun varies through the centuries according to regular cycles, and the Earth follows suit. It is becoming clear that sunspot density is a major contributor to climate changes. The sun has had fewer sunspots in its solar maximums in the last few years. Since 2016, the sun has sported only a minimal number of spots a day - if any. This dearth of sunspots is continuing into 2018.

A 35 Year Weather Forecast

Please bear in mind that the exact date of onset is unknown. The mini-ice age could begin in two years or fifteen years. Some scientists write that it has already begun. This start of global cooling in the atmosphere and the oceans has not been obvious due to the many hot spells in normal weather variations. So in this forecast, below, I will refer to the number of years after the ice age becomes obvious to nearly everyone.

--- ---

The Earth will begin a steep drop off in global temperatures from its present global temperature plateau. This plateau has been caused by the absence of growth in global temperatures since 1999. The average global atmospheric and oceanic temperatures will drop significantly, but no one knows when it will begin. And the drop will continue slowly with only temporary reversals until temperatures stabilize during a long cold temperature base lasting some twenty or thirty years. The predicted temperature decline will continue for the next fifteen years and will likely be the steepest ever recorded in human history. The bottom of the next global cold climate caused by a pronounced reduction in warming energy coming from the Sun is expected to be reached by the fifteenth year. Global average temperatures during the fifteenth year will reach a level of at least 3° C colder than today. A drop of 3° C in the Earth's average temperatures will result in cold Summers and extremely cold Winters in the temperate zones. The food crop growing periods that we depend upon will become considerably shortened and in some years even non-existent. There will be a few years when the snow in the temperate zones will not melt. The resultant shortage of food may become the greatest threat to our civilization. Perhaps, more people will die of starvation than die of the extreme cold. Even so, this mini ice age will not be a threat to mankind's existence. We can look forward to the start of a much welcomed global warming sometime in the 30th or 35th year.

But, Is It Really Happening?

Yes, the cooling has begun, but the process is slow. There is strong evidence that the Antarctic ice is increasing. Temperatures in North America have stopped increasing for years. The rising temperatures reported by NOOA and by NASA are faked. Oddly, the website is predicting that the population of the US will fall from 324,000,000 to 99,000,000 in the next eight years. (Look for "Other Info Countries" on page bottom.) They do not blame the drop on the mini ice age, but what does know?

What To Do About It

Learn to cope with the cold. Maybe it's time to start looking for a home in the South. Seriously, we should consider that food production in the USA will be drastically reduced. People in the larger cities will be most affected. There will be a real migration from North to South. Perhaps many will die. This will be happening around the world. The mini ice age will definitely impact Western civilization for many decades.

Last updated November 25, 2018